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How to Predict Bitcoin Price: Everything You Need to Know


Is it possible to predict Bitcoin price tomorrow, next week or month? Will Bitcoin price reach $25K this year? Read this article and find out the most important information you need to know!

Regardless of whether you own Bitcoins or you are interested in investing in Bitcoins, sooner or later you will probably want to know how much the cryptocurrencies are worth. You may also want to know whether or not it is smart to sell your coins and make a little profit out of it. Understanding trading terms and analyzing price charts from the financial point of view can be rather confusing and daunting, especially if you are a beginner and you have recently found out what Bitcoins really are.

You have nothing to worry about as we are here to help you out. In this article, we will discuss Bitcoin price, how to better understand Bitcoin price, how to predict the price, and much more.

The best place to find information about the latest price or value of Bitcoin is the exchange you purchased them from. The most popular exchanges on the market are Bitfinex, Bitstamp, BTC-e, and Bitcoin Price Index. Knowing the current Bitcoin value or price is one thing, but predicting them and knowing whether these prices will go up and down in future is another thing or the thing we will discuss today.

Are there methods for predicting the price?

Predicting price movements of anything exchanged is a risky game and nobody is right all the time. This is because it is extremely hard to consider all external factors and to know how these factors are going to affect cryptocurrencies. A lot of traders have already lost their money into such attempts.

The two basic methods to forecasting price development are called technical analysis and fundamental analysis. The technical analysis attempts to predict the direction of prices based on primarily historical prices, past market data, and volumes found on price charts. The fundamental analysis, on the other hand, analyze the underlying forces and factors of the economy or a company.

In order to perform technical analysis on Bitcoin volume history and Bitcoin price, you will need to find Bitcoin price charts that provide information and display data in a more understandable manner and not just plain number tables without any essential information. We recommend you to start with Bitcoin Price Index (the charts available on the official Coindesk website). The closing prices or any period of time, let’s say one hour, a day, a week or a month are used to draw the Bitcoin price line. This type of chart can be used to get a preview of what the current prices have been doing lately, however, please keep in mind that traders usually need more information to draw their final conclusions.

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Now that you know a little bit more about how to predict the Bitcoin price and read Bitcoin price charts, we recommend you to start following the development and movement of Bitcoin price on daily basis. You will immediately start noticing some regularities on the charts, which most probably will be the trending behavior of the prices.

Many Bitcoin experts tried to predict the Bitcoin value and its price in January 2018 and many of them were close, however, you should always keep in mind the possibility that nothing is 100% secure. All of this is just a prediction and you can’t base your investment on some predictions. So, before you invest or try to sell your Bitcoins, analyze, and be absolutely sure you are doing the right move.


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