Tips and Tricks for Acquiring Bitcoins Other Than Mining and Buying

17-Tips And Tricks For Acquiring Bitcoins Other Than Mining and Buying

These days, acquiring a significant amount of Bitcoin is hard. It’s much harder than making the normal currency. But if you can put in the time, energy and work, you can earn a fair amount of Bitcoins. While people say that there is free Bitcoin, there is really nothing like that.  There is always a cost to earning Bitcoins. The cost doesn’t have to be related to money; you can use your time, money and effort to earn Bitcoins. Here are the ways to earn Bitcoin other than mining and buying:

You can earn Bitcoins through paid to click ads

As the name suggests, these are sites that will pay you with Bitcoins for viewing ads and visiting specific websites. A typical example of a website that you can earn Bitcoin from by clicking ads is There are different kinds of ads to view here, including 5, 10, and 20 seconds ads. If, for example, you decide to watch the 20 seconds ads through the day and part of the night, you can potentially make 0.0216BTC. If you convert that to dollars, it becomes $334.58.

You can acquire Bitcoins through Bitcoin faucets

What are bitcoin faucets? You might ask. They are systems that reward you for taking a particular action. For example, a website or app can reward you with Bitcoins for completing a task or captcha. The reward is in the form of Satoshi, which is valued at a hundredth of a millionth BTC. So if you earn 1 Satoshi, you get 0.00288BTC.

You can earn Bitcoins by writing for blogs and websites

Writing is a rapidly growing profession these days. If you have impeccable writing skills, you can start writing for agencies that pay with Bitcoins. Some Bitcoin affiliated companies also need content for their blogs and websites. If you have in-depth knowledge of Bitcoins and remarkable writing skills, you can create an account with these websites and start making money.

You can earn Bitcoins by taking up micro jobs

People earn Bitcoins these days by just completing certain micro jobs. Examples of micro jobs include retweeting posts, taking surveys, testing a web application and more. A typical example of a micro job website that pays using Bitcoins is

There are many other ways you can acquire Bitcoins, such as affiliate marketing, Bitcoin trading, gambling and much more. Like any other way of earning money, you need to be really good at it to be able to earn a considerable amount of Bitcoin. The more you earn, the more your Bitcoin portfolio increases. Therefore, mining and buying are not the only ways to acquire Bitcoins.